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What if...

i said to you, that there is more to life than you are here on this planet for a short amount of timeimagine wasting have soo many wild dreams, adventures that you want to take, meeting amazing peoplebutyou wasting all of your time on meaningless thingsone day you decide to go on an adventure alonefar from societyjust youand your thoughtsbut as time goes by, you start to get lost...

A mysterious entity greets you...

he wants to show you something...

a reality where everything is possiblewhere people are buildingchanging the world day by dayand the society rewards them for doing sothey do what they love to doand society loves it even more

you don't want to be rich, you want to be free

says the entitty

these people are builders and creatorspeople love them because they can learn from themthey learn how to live a better lifebuild a businessand they share everything they know freely on the internetand it changes livesby doing so, they gather a loyal tribe of audiencethat generously rewards them for their knowledge

Your mind starts racing

questions flood your brainwhat is this secret place?what is the price i have to pay?who is even this strange entity?do i want to follow him?

as the entity would know what you were thinking he naturally responded:i can't tell you much, but what you need to knowis that you don't have to pay with moneybut you will pay with your presencethis is an elite place i can't let everybody inonly the people i feel are ready

Here are your choices

you leave this page and you live your life as you did previouslyoryou will pick up the pen and write your own realityand join the secret group of action takers

how do you know you are ready?you deep down feel that you would rather be homeless than averageyou could never fit into societypeople call you a dreamer, but in reality, you know they are not just dreamsyou have a feeling that reality is not realyou would sacrifice a lot of things, just so you can say, you made ityou are disciplined and have a strong mindsetyou always know you will change the worldyou feel the scarcity of time, and you know that not much is leftyou want to live your life to the fullest...

The Mastermind

you leave this page and you live your life as you did previouslyoryou will pick up the pen and write your own realityand join the secret group of action takers


scroll down to find the manual guided by Z3N.note: if you don't have 16 minutes to read/listen to the course feel free to bookmark it or scroll to the bottom for the pdf format and bonuses

chapter 1

Who is an Action Taker?

listen to Z3N:

an action taker is a person, who understands, that taking action is always more important, than learning, consuming, and planning.yeah, basically that's it.If you are in the self-improvement space and you consumed a lot of content, but you still feel like you are stuck, and you just need that one other video, before you start…i have bad news for you... you have fallen into the trap of a consumer, let’s be honest, these youtubers and creators genuinely want you to succeed, but they want something even more… success for themselves.all of us want to see others succeed till others are not more successful than you, and that's just human nature, we cant change these creators on youtube and twitter, but we can learn how to take the control of our own life back…this is why you have to take action.being an action taker is a lifestyle, a personality trait,when you want to record a video, you do it.when you see a cute girl in the gym, and you fear approaching her, you do it.when someone offers you meth and you think if you should do it, you remember you only live onc…i'm joking, I'm joking, but you get the point, being an action taker is taking action without the fear of being judged by others, procrastinating and deciding for weeks, etc.and after you made a decision you stick to it, you know that you made the right one, you don't look back and think what if i did this or that, live a life without regrets, the things that happened already happened, you can't change them and if you could, life would be kinda boring.

chapter 2

Don't wait…

listen to Z3N:

as an action taker you know that time is scarce, you could die from a heart attack right now, you can go out for a walk and a driver could kill you, but even if nothing happens you are only on this planet for 80 years, and probably you already lived 20 years, so that's 60 but after you, 35 or 40 life won't be that much fun.obviously, i'm not talking from experience but look at older people around you, they just doing boring shit or still working so one day they can retire, and enjoy their life when they will be 60 and life will be even more boring want to make as much money as possible now, travel the world, make cool memories and have fun till you have that flame inside you.time passing right nowtick… tock.. tick.. tock…you spend days, weeks, and years wasting your life, think about it differently… currently, you could be in bali with ig models and cool friends having one of the best times of your lifebut you just sitting in your room and reading this…this guide is nothing it won't help you, you can read it even 10 times and it would be the same as if you haven't even opened it, it's bsIF YOU DON’T ACT ON ITi telling you this now because you are already invested in the book, you don't want to stop reading it now, so never forget this.imagine being on your deathbed, only a nurse is near you, you were too scared to even ask a woman out, and make a family…you think through all the things that you wanted in your life, you wanted to be a youtuber, but you were too scared of what others will think, so you said if i
finish school…
move to another city…
get a new job…
i will start my channel, but the day never came, and you always had a new excuse.
you thought that you wanted to have a business and make a lot of money, but you rather spend your time watching tiktok and youtube videos and jerking off to some weird shit…a hard-to-swallow pill is that if your life looked like this, it’s only because you wanted exactly always had the decision to choose hard work, but you wanted instant gratification more than to take, i hope you feel something now, maybe in your stomach or heart, a feeling that something is not right and you want more…but if you don't feel currently anything, maybe this book is not for you, and there is nothing wrong with that, feel free to close this page now, and continue your day.but if you feel this feeling as i do, keep reading, you are at the right place.

chapter 3

Where Are you going?

listen to Z3N:

“if a man knows not to which port he sails, no wind is favorable.”
you are standing in a desert, and if you can't decide in which direction you want to go, you will probably go a little bit east, then west, and soon you will be at the same place where you can do anything but you can't do everything.if you don't have a vision and purpose and you just randomly do things in life, you won't achieve much.but if your goals are bigger than you, and you want to help others, then all of a sudden you will stop needing the motivation to do things, because you realize, that by not doing the thing that you need to do, other people are suffering, but you could save them.if you don't have a purpose in life yet, here is an exercise:ask yourself:
why do i want to be successful?
you will have an answer to it, then ask:
and you repeat it until you come up with something really deep and long answer that you can no longer ask why.take your time don't rush it.but how are you going to achieve this goal?you need a map a plan, and most importantly a clear goalit's not enough to kinda know what you want, because the lack of clarity will stop you from acting. you have to get crystal clear on your goal and know what is the thing that you exactly want, first you have to define a goal, then make actionable steps to achieve that goal, not the other way will become much more focused, and finally, you can ask an important question:is this essential for achieving my goal?you have to learn, that if you don't decide, what you want and need to do, others will decide for you.a lot of people will ask you to do this or that, but if that thing is not the essential thing that you need, to achieve your goal, then you should say no to that thing.the sooner you start to do this the better

chapter 4

The Simulation of your Mind

listen to Z3N:

let me tell you something…you are living in a simulation…nobody is real, and you can do whatever you want, just as in GTAwait…why are you making that face?you don't believe me?go out, and take a walk in your city, look at how everyone is just there, in their own worldthey don't even know you exist, and you don't even know they existand you still care about their opinions…that's just sadthere are some computer-generated NPCs out there, just to fill in the world, and you fear to do anything with your life, because:wHaT wIlL tHeY tHiNk?you are here on a random floating rock, that is completely meaningless, if we look at it from the big picture,and we are not even talking about your country, city, or your family, they are even more meaninglesswe probably live in a simulation, and you would rather die, by caring about what other meaningless NPCs think about youman, just look at yourselfthis is just funny at this point…asking out that girl, making that change in your carrier, or just basically doing random shit, will finally make sense when you realize that you don't matterbut what if this is real life and i actually die?okay, good question,butwould it change anything?all the people that you see around you will still die 100 years from now and nobody will remember anything you didso you as well stop caring about their opinionsthat's what drinking teaches youyou can be an idiot, do random shit, that you wouldn't do generally in publicand guess what, NPCs don't even say anything about itthey don't have the courage to do so, maybe they would look at you, and think bad things about you, but who the fuck cares?not me and youwhen i look at all my biggest achievements in life, they all happened, because i had the courage to do something that i wouldn't normally doif they were easy things everyone would do themalways seek discomfort

chapter 5

Nature isn't perfect

listen to Z3N:

how often do you compare yourself to others?don't lie! i know you do this, its human nature to compare ourselves to others,to your friends, to ig models, to other youtubers and somehow you can feel that everyone is better than know, that this is their top 1%, but you still feel as if they were betterfirst just actually realize the fact, that what you see from other people's lives, is actually their top 1%, and honestly, 99% of the time it's even more boring than yours.and secondly, these people are mentally ill, and they are chasing perfection, trying to look perfect in everyone's eye, but this results that they can't fail, say, or do dumb things because then they won't be perfect, and they fear, that people will judge them because of their flaws.they want to be perfect because they care about others' opinions, and you already know, why that is unnecessary.but what if i'm only a perfectionist because i have high standards for myself?i believe that the root cause also comes from the thing i previously mentioned,as i said earlier, perfectionism is a mental illness and a protection mechanism, it won't help you do better work, it just filters what you do, and you will just make the most average are a perfectionist, because you believe, that what you do is not good enough.if you have confidence in yourself, and you know your worth, you can put out any work without doubting if it’s good enough.nature is also not perfect, the distance between trees in the forest, the shape of a lake, the taste of fruits, nothing is perfect, but rather perfectly imperfect, and you still find it beautifuland you are also part of this nature, so be imperfect, because this is what makes you human.don't be a people-pleaser robot.

chapter 6

Nothing can hurt me!

listen to Z3N:

so you have been thru some dark shit.i believe you, but guess what, so do i, and everyone.did it wound you, or you was completely immune to it emotionally?oh, so you want to achieve the second state? when you can go thru everything without emotions?that's bs.i want to teach you something that is far greater than that, that makes you undefeatable,and teaches you how to get stronger from EVERYTHING.when something bad happens to you, you will start to laugh like joker, because you know they can't hurt you they just make you stronger.imagine a flame inside you, that determines your motivation and drive,
you have to feed it, so you will achieve your goals
this flame wants you to feed itand it loves everything, good or bad events it doesn't care,
the good events part is kinda straightforward, when good things happen to you, you want even more and more good things.
but with bad events, it's a little bit more interesting, and i can say, that this flame's favorite food is bad events.every bad or good event is just fuel for the fire!imagine that your dream girlfriend broke up with you after years of you being together with her…for other people, they will lose their identity and it will completely break them, they become depressed and miserable,but not you!you know, that everything happens to make you stronger, you feel like a hero on its journey, life can't break you!it just makes the fire inside you burn stronger, because you realize, that this event will make you:mentally stronger and resilientit's the perfect opportunity to work on yourself and become a better version of yourselfit makes you realize, that nothing is foreverthis is an opportunity to meet even better girlsand as you continue to add to this listyou realize, that this is the best thing that could happen to youso after something bad happens to youalways ask:how can this be the best thing that ever happened to me?this question is insanely powerful and it literally makes you undefeatableyou will no longer have problems, just opportunities, i know it's not easy to start doing this mindset shiftbut the sooner you start the better and trust me it's addictive.REMEMBER:you can always play the victim, and maybe a few people will feel sorry for you, and say, that this was the fault of the weather or your parents, but all these excuses just make others lose respect for youyou want to be the guy, that is always “lucky”, and nothing bad happens to him, just stuff that is there to make him stronger and test his character, and if he fails, he knows that it was only his fault.

chapter 7

Creators will rule the world

listen to Z3N:

being a creator is the best job you can find, because basically you just solve your own problems, and share them with the's up to you if you use youtube, twitter, or anything else,the main point is that it helps you with building a loyal audience, that had the same problems, and currently has the same goals as you,but you should also put yourself into the equation, your personality will be the thing that will make your content unique because no one is better at being you than you.building a personal brand is a huge thing, even if you decide, that you don't want to be a creatoryour social media is an asset that can get you jobs much more easily.the world is changing, and more and more people are joining to play the great online gameto simplify, it is the game that we play on social media for real moneythe downside is nearly nothing, the upside potential is infinite, and you can attract high-value, and like-minded people into your life, just by posting things that interest you.And asi said, we play this game for real money, you can solve your audience's problem, and if the problem is big enough, they will generously pay for youdoing what you love, meeting with high-value people, building an audience, having niche fame, making a lot of money, and helping people.these things are huge and this is why being a creator is i believe the most fulfilling business you can start.think about what problems have you solved, or are interested to solve, now choose the platform that you spend the most time on, and start creating content around it.thanks for reading, see you soon.- ben

What is next?

a message from Z3N:

congratulation, you just finished the manual,now you have the understanding of what it means to be an action taker, from now on i won't hold your hand,but i prepared you something, a backpack that can hold all the resources i gave you along the road,i put a few things already in it, but it will get more and more things over time, don't forget to star it in google drivei have a lot of things planned, but i need you to make them a realityyou will hear from me in the upcoming emails,see you soon

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